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Sadleirs: Case Study

Sadleirs Logistics replaced their Forklift with a Mobicon Mini Straddle CarrierSadleirs Australia are a national logistics company providing a reliable transport solution that includes Australia-wide rail, road, air and see services, their own fleet of high-speed rail wagons depot to depot and complete door to door movements and specialist services for bulk cargo.

In one of their Australian depots, Sadleirs had a drive through warehouse, with an awning at the side of the building.

The heavy forklift that was employed for Sadleirs container handling on site could only place two containers under the awning, and one container outside the drive through doors. When one of the containers under the awning was unpacked or packed ready for transport, the outside container had to be moved before the other container could be replaced.

This double movement caused inefficiencies in time which directly can affect a company’s bottom line.

After consultation with Mobicon Systems Sadleirs purchased a 2T Straddle Carrier for their container handling and as a result four containers are now placed under the awning at any one time, and any container that is finished, can be replaced by another without the requirement to move others first. Containers may also be placed inside, shortening the time needed to pack a container and increasing security for the transported goods.

Saddliers no longer needed the forklift and are now working with a fast and effective solution.


SADLEIRS found a space effiecient solution with MObicon

A 15% saving in packing and unpacking labour was achieved.

Savings per year:

  • Mobicon vs. a forklift $125,000
  • Savings in potential yard pavement repairs $50,000
  • Efficiency improvement $50,000

Total bottom line benefit per year $225,000

Additional benefits:

  • Safer workplace – no heavy fork in the yard.
  • Minimal freight damage.
  • No licence required to operate the Mobicon.

“Previously our docks were capable of unloading 2 containers on 2 trailers at any one time. We can now unload 4-5 containers at the same time which spreads our labour costs and increases our productivity”

Michael Miller
QLD State Manager
Sadleirs Transport

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