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Mobicon Systems won the contract with the United States Navy by designing a purpose-built Mobicon for the Navy’s new Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) project.

What is the LCS? US Navy use Mobicon LCS

The Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) is a high speed, 127 metre aluminium trimaran that will provide the US Navy with multi-mission capability and superior aviation operations. It is the first of a new family of surface ships planned for the US Navy, and is a key element in the Navy’s plan to address the threats posed by asymmetric warfare.

Intended to operate in coastal areas across the globe, the ship will be fast, highly maneuverable and geared to supporting mine detection/elimination, anti-submarine warfare and surface warfare, particularly against small surface craft.

The United States Navy has nominated the Littoral Combat Ship project as its number one priority and has identified a need for nearly 60 vessels, with a total value of around US $14 Billion to be spent on the project, over a 15 year period.

Mobicon Systems were contacted by the Navy when they were identified as a possible manufacturer who could provide a container handling solution on board of the LCS.

After much discussion and design development, Mobicon won the contract to the Navy with a purpose-built Mobicon designed and patented specifically for the project. This Mobicon is designed much more maneuverable and lighter than any other container handlers on the market in order to move around the hull of the LCS efficiently and effectively and this ability is why the Mobicon was chosen.

An ongoing relationship was established between Mobicon and the US Navy and the First delivery of a Mobicon to the USA was completed in 2008 with deliveries continuing to date.

Case Study – Australian Customs Department

In Australia, for many years the Customs Department had been using Self Loading Trailers (SLT’s) for work required with regards to their on site container handling. Australian Customs were using self loading trailers

This was proving to be increasingly cumbersome, as space was restricted, and expensive, as every time the container had to be moved, a Self Loading Trailer had to be ordered and paid for.

This practice also limited the number of containers that could be placed inside a building, as a Self Loading Trailer needs a lot of space to maneuver and place a container on the ground.

This is where Mobicon Systems came in. After intial meetings Mobicon presented assessment of the solutions and possible improvements their product could provide at the Customs Department facility. The manoeuvrability of Mobicon’s Two Tower Straddle Carrier as well as its ability to move within smaller spaces including inside warehouses was of huge benefit.

The Customs Department purchased a Two Tower Mobicon to overcome these issues. The purchase resulted in Customs doubling their container turnover, and at the same time halving their container handling costs as the need for Self Loading Trailers was removed. Now, the Customs Department  in Australia uses a Two Tower Mobicon in five of their container X-ray facilities with much success.


Customs Border Security Use Mobicon 2T

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