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Mobicon Benefits

Mobicon Saves Costs by Improving Container Handling Workflow

Major Cost Savings

  • A Mobicon is much cheaper than other container handling options like container forklifts, reach stackers & large straddle carriers
  • A Mobicon reduces the waiting time for the transporter, as it takes the container off the truck in minutes
  • Using a Mobicon eliminates hiring costs for sideloaders/self loading trailers

Faster container & product handling

  • Using a Mobicon means greater flexibility in where you can pack & unpack containers, saving time and resources.
  • The Mobicons allows you to separate transport from operations, as there is no need to divert staff to unpack/pack a container when a truck arrives.
  • Using a Mobicon Mini Straddle Carriers allows you to handle the goods when you want, and not when the transport company wants.

Improved Safety

  • Mobicon mini-straddle carriers are built for lifting and moving containers, and unlike forklifts have a very low centre of gravity so will not tip over like a forklift.
  • Using a Mobicon reduces traffic in your yard or warehouse when a container arrives, as there is no need to have forklifts scurrying around to unload and the risk of accidents is reduced.
  • Emptying or filling a container is also much safer while the container is on the ground. No need for loading docks or slippery loading ramps.

Superior DesignMobicon TF2 Cabin built for dependability

  • The Mobicon’s cabin is designed so it doesn’t stick out to one side – decreasing the width of the overall machine, and increasing the space to move around, ultimately reducing cabin damage.
  • Depending on the Mobicon model, you can also unhitch the container from within the cabin making the moving process even faster.
  • Mobicon mini-straddle carriers have cameras for increased visibility.
  • Mobicons make moving containers around safe and easy.

Mobicon is the ONLY Mini Straddle Carrier that won’t damage your yard

  • Mobicons unique 8 Point Loads design is the only mini straddle carrier that won’t damage the average yard surface – meaning no unexpected large repair costs.
  • 3 & 4 Point Load mini-straddle carriers can’t be used in regular yards as their wheel weight is too high, requiring increased yard reinforcement to withstand their weight or long term structural damage.
  • Don’t be fooled by the concrete ‘looking OK’ – make the wrong choice of mini-straddle carrier and the damage could go undetected until it works its way to the surface and major repairs (and downtime) are needed.

Let Our Container Handling Experience Help Your Business

Designing and making mini-straddle carriers is what Mobicon does, we’ve put many years of experience into making our carriers the best on the market. Mobicon is the Number 1 choice of mini-straddle carrier by the US navy and Australian Customs.

To find out more about Mobicon Mini Straddle Carriers, and prices please complete the enquiry form and someone from our team will be in contact shortly.



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