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Point Loads Matter

Mobicon’s The Only Mini Straddle Carrier That Won’t Damage Your Yard

Damage done to the average industrial yard by a reachstacker weight

Avoid Expensive Repair Bills – Why Point Loads Matter

Mobicons 8 Point Loads are by far the lowest in the world, so users can handle fully loaded containers on the average yard surface that other machines, including 3, 4 & 8 wheel – (4 Point Load) Straddle Carriers, Forklifts & Reach Stackers will damage (resulting in very expensive repair bills).

The Mobicon is designed to evenly spread out the containers weight over 8 load centres, resulting in a very low wheel weight on the yard.  3, 4  & 8 wheel – (4 point loads and less) straddle carriers, Reach Stackers and Forklifts don’t allow for enough load center’s on the average yard resulting in significant damage over time (including foundation cracking).



Wheel Weight Damage

Example of yard damage caused by a machine with high Point Loads.

Point Loads and Wheel Pressure are often confused.


Point Load = the total number of kilograms


Wheel Pressure = total number of kilograms per square centimetre.


A machine with less Point Loads (such as the 3, 4 & 8 wheel – 2 axle mini straddle carrier) may have larger tyres to reduce the pressure the wheels put on the ground surface, but the Point Load is still very high causing damage.


That’s why Road Authorities are concerned about Point Loads, and not wheel pressures, as it is the high point loads that will damage a bridge, yard or depot and not the pressure.


Another simple way of explaining the difference is:

A person weighing 80kg stands on a plank over water.

The plank can only take a load of 50kg or it breaks.

It doesn’t matter if the person stands with 1 foot (high pressure) or  2 feet (low pressure) on the plank, as they are still putting all 80kg of their weight onto a plank that can only take 50kg.


Exactly the same principle applies with tyres on a yard surface. High Point Loads means that the yard or depot will get damaged, regardless of whether the pressure is low. It is the Point Load that matters.

Mobicon’s unique 8 Point Load design eliminates damage caused to the yard by Point Load weight, saving our customers hundreds and thousands of dollars in yard repair bills.




Why Use a Mobicon?